Let me tell you a little bit about myself

My name is David Zirinsky and thanks for looking at my site! Professionally I write code for high speed applications. In my free time, when I'm not sleeping, I enjoy Android development. Below are a few links to my published apps. I hope you find them interesting.

Published Software


Uses openAI's API to generate a recipe for any dish you can think of, including factoring in your dietary restrictions! Bon Appétit! Published: 6/21/23

Source Code can be found on my Github profile

Pocket Accountant

Android app that graphs a user’s personal finances as well as exports a user’s data to their favorite spreadsheet program. 850+ downloads, published: 1/26/16

Beer 30

A simple Android Wear app that counts a user’s drinks all from their wrist. 850+ downloads, published: 8/4/15

Other Published Software


You can find a link to my Github repo here, where I made my own alternative to Google's Admob, to better monetize one of my apps.

Contact Me

For any questions or feedback about my work please email me at: dzirinsky@gmail.com